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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Menu Plan Monday June 8th

This week my goal is to use as much fresh produce as possible, and if I can't use it this week, find ways to preserve/cook/freeze, as we're going to be gone for part of next week and I don't want anything to go bad. I'm also supposed to make a quick overnight business trip this week. Historically when I've planned for the boys, they still eat something else (you know, mom's not around, so why not do something fun, right?), so this week I didn't even try to put something in place. Not including the boy's nite, the week comes in at under $23. We'll see what damage they do :)

6/8 Monday
moo shoo pork wraps (using frozen thinly sliced pork I already have)
(pork $1.00, coleslaw mix .65, tortillas .50, extras .75)
fresh cubed Pineapple .75

6/9 Tuesday
penne pasta with smoked chicken, broccoli and red pepper alfredo sauce $3.50
salad $1.00

6/10 Wednesday
boys nite- Mom’s gone

6/11 Thursday
chicken patty sandwiches $2.00
fries .45
green beans .45

6/12 Friday
grilled chicken drumsticks $1.50
knorr pasta .65
steamed broccoli .60

6/13 Saturday
ribs $4.00
black bean and corn salad $1.00
roasted potatoes .75

6/14 Sunday
lemon and rosemary grilled pork chops $2.00
risotto $1.50
carrots .50 (steamed from freezer)


Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Black bean and corn salad...yum! Sounds like a marvelous week!