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Friday, June 26, 2009

Grilled Artichokes

So, I've never exactly been one to follow recipes, exactly, and I was playing around the other night with the grilled artichokes I made. Hubby had run out of propane on the grill so I did indoor cooking, but these would be GREAT on the outdoor grill as well. The recipe I started from was here. I followed the initial instructions exactly. Then when it came to the grilling part, I changed the grilling sauce a bit. Instead of lemon, I added 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar. I also added some lemon pepper. Oh me oh my, oh me oh my! These were darn good! Very flavorful and not nearly as unhealthy as the way we typically eat them, which is to boil, then to dip leaves in melted garlic butter. I will definitely make them again.


Tosha said...

those look so good! I have only tried making artichokes a few times and messed them up so bad I haven't tried again. This makes me want to give it another go!