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Monday, June 22, 2009

Menu Plan Week of 6/21

We're not turning the oven on at all this week. I am going to try to use the grill and the microwave as much as possible, and I will be really branching out with the variety of cold salads with dinner. I'm also experimenting with some new recipes, both online and from a couple of new cookbooks I've gotten. I'll be posting more recipes as I go.

Monday 6/22
Grilled Garlic Chicken $1.50
Grilled artichokes $2.00
Spaghetti noodles with parmesan, olive oil and chopped fresh basil $1.00
Spinach and blueberry salad $1.00

Tuesday 6/23
Smoked bbq pork sandwiches $2.80
Pork $1.50, buns .50, bbq .50, cheese .30
Apple Cole Slaw $1.75
Corn .50

Wednesday 6/24
Taco salad $4.25
Nectarine slices $1.00

Thursday 6/25
Mini Cheese ravioli with portabello mushroom sauce $4.00
Salad $1.00

Friday 6/26
Steak kebobs with veggies $5.50
Potato, green bean and corn salad (making half this) $1.25

Saturday 6/27
Brat patties on buns $2.80
Slow cooker beans with smoked pork bone $1.00 for ½ (will freeze other half)

Sunday 6/28
Lemon shrimp on angel hair pasta $6.50
Broccoli .25


Christy said...

Sounds good!

michelle said...

Hey; thanks for stopping by. The garlic chicken looks really good!

Ali said...

Sounds like a great plan! Thanks for stopping by. We almost had to not use our oven yesterday because our power went out for a while. Luckily it came back on, apparently there was a tree down in town (funny how it affected us as we live out of town, and that wasn't the first time!) Have a wonderful week =)