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Friday, June 26, 2009

Hy-Vee Bargain Meal of the Week 6/26

Here's your shopping list:
  • 1 package Hy-Vee Italian Sausage $2.99 (use half and freeze the rest for another meal)= $1.50
  • 1 box of Hy-Vee Whole Wheat Spaghetti $1.25
  • 1 jar Ragu Pasta Sauce= $1.50
  • BOGO Bakery Fresh Italian Bread (get 2 @ $1.99, use 1)= $1.00
Your Menu-

Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Italian Sausage Marinara
Italian Bread (I like to serve with olive oil mixed with Italian seasoning and garlic as a bread dip)

Brown the sausage, dice into bite size pieces and add to sauce in pan. Simmer until ready to serve. Boil water, add pasta, cook according to instructions. Drain, return pasta to pan, add sauce and toss to coat. Serve with bread.

Total for the meal- $5.25