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Monday, June 8, 2009

I think this is my new sickness

$26.00 on spices. Darn near half what I spent on groceries last week. Am I a nerd? Some herbs I've successfully grown, and a few, like dill, I've even dehydrated and kept in my cabinet- worked great. But not everything works like that, and with spices, I've come to the realization that quality makes a huge difference. While I do truly watch what I spend, there are things that I'm comfortable spending more on, and Penzey's is one of those.

All of the small jars there are newbies for me. I buy a small, to see if I like it, and use it. The tall guys behind are more staples, and those bottles will serve as the bottles for refills---Penzey's sells in larger bags, and for certain spices that's the way to go.

I also really like that they have so many salt-free options. I like salt, I use salt, but I do like to try to limit what I use, and it's difficult to do anymore.

So after this, I walked into Walmart to get plastic spoons for Ry's lunches at camp this week, and they had this big ole bin of 2 / $1 cheapo spices, seasoning salts, etc....I almost walked into it. I actually laughed out loud. Someone else today spent $2.00 on her mother load of spices. Me? Loser.


cheapbychoice said...

I tend to buy the cheap spices, because I am a cheapskate, but you really can taste the difference. Also with the more expensive spices, you do not have to use as much. So I say, "you go girl!"

JodieMo said...

I LOVE Penzey's Spices! I have a 2 whole posts about them with free spice codes. I have to agree with CheapbyChoice, fresher spices taste better, plus you aren't going to find Chili 9000 in that cheapo spice bin.

Michelle said...

Awww, c'mon....I was soooo eyeing the Chili 9000 today and was totally proud of my willpower. Now I want to go back. LOL! :)

You're right CheapbyChoice..I don't think I go through them as quickly...except for that Ancho Chile Powder...what a great base to make your own taco and chili seasoning!