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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Taco Bell's Fiesta Family Meal

I'm in a new BzzAgent campaign for Taco Bell. We have a Taco Bell down the street, and that is one of the places we head to for a good, quick meal. There will never be enough tacos and nachos in my life :). The campaign is focusing on a new offering from Taco Bell designed to be an economical option for the family, and very simple! It's pretty cool, because they are only offering this here in Omaha and in Portland right now. Guess we get to be the test markets.

The Fiesta Family Meal has everything to make hard and soft tacos for 4, and gives everyone their choice of toppings. You get two big nifty trays. One has your taco meat, rice and refried beans in divided sections. The other divided tray has cheese, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and tomatoes. It also comes with a bag of chips.

We really liked this. It gave the family a choice in what they wanted on their taco without me having to make special orders in the drive through. Big K decided to be very adventurous and had a taco with everything. Not too shabby for a 3yo! The boys also decided they wanted me to put beans on a soft tortilla and wrap it around the hard taco shell. I like this because it held everything together and we didn't have little taco shell bits all over the place.

They thought of everything in putting this together, so all you have to do is take the lids off. Tough, huh? They were very generous with this as well. It says that it feeds 4---this house with 2 grownups, a 6yo and a 3yo had lots of leftovers. The only thing I wish we'd had more of was the chips. There wasn't quite enough for everyone to have as many as they wanted. Big K ran out and asked for more and I didn't have any more for him.

All this for $14.99. Kudos, Taco Bell. I love the idea. Hope it's a keeper!


Phoebe @ Cents to Get Debt Free said...

I love Taco Bell! Everytime I go grocery shopping, I hit the drive through before I head home. Hope our area gets this soon--sounds like a deal to me! ;)

Logan Family said...

They also have a $5 off coupon for this deal through couponmom.com. Even better, only $10 for that whole meal!

Michelle said...

yes, I know...gotta love the coupons on that. $10 for a family takeout meal is pretty darn good!