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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hahaha---Note to self-don't send hubby on shopping trips

I already know this, but over and over again I think, "maybe this time he'll be better". Nope.

Don't get me wrong. He's actually pretty savvy, researches most purchases that are outside of the daily household needs, and totally supports my efforts to keeps costs down. His weakness is in the little stuff.

I was all excited today because I'm done with my shopping this week. Finito. And I'm under budget. I try to stay at $60, and I spent $37. Woohoo me, right? Well, hubby fixed that. I sent him to Target with the boys this afternoon to help Big K pick out a Leapster game that he earned on his sticker chart (with coupon LOL). I knew I should go. I had planned to, but I'm really under the weather today and just the doctor and the Baker's trip I made today after work did me in.

They just got back a little while ago. With the game. And a loaf of bakery bread that I had a coupon for (which was free). And 2 slurpees, a bag of popcorn, a crate of clementines, and various assorted other goodies. All wonderful. But he blew my budget extras. Oh well. My fault, right?

On the plus side, the boys came bouncing in the house from the joy (or the sugar) of having slurpees, which I must admit is a neat little treat they haven't gotten in a long time. Hopefully they'll sleep tonight hehehehe.


Lisa said...

Leave it to the husbands to blow the budget!! I learned my lesson along time ago when I had him stop on his way home on day for lettuce. Just lettuce that's like 1.00! He comes in with 3 bags. He paid regular price for everything. 4.00 for a bag of chips, almost 4.00 for Cheez-its. I was so tempted to make him go return everything but thought that was a little insane! From them on I have always done all the shopping!

Kristen said...

I don't send mine to the store very often either, for all the same reasons. Yesterday we had to turn in our car, the lease was up, and DH convinced the dealership to drop him off at Fry's (electronic store). I thought it worked out great because I planned to take the boys to the library. When I picked DH up at Fry's later that night, he had spent nearly $175 on stuff we "need". Saying things like, "it's only $10" To which I said, "Do you know how many coupons I have to clip to get back that $10?!" And get this, one of the items he bought, a phone jack I believe, is for "phone testing" What the heck is phone testing? Our phones work just fine and he's not in the phone business. AUGH! He makes me a little crazy sometimes. I seriously should have known better. He has no impulse control when he gets in an electronics store.