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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Red Plum Insert is your friend this week for Walgreens deals

Do NOT go to Walgreens this week without going through your Red Plum insert first.

There are several coupons that make some of the RR deals even more attractive.

Band-Aid, Neosporin, and Benadryl Cream all have $1 coupons this week. Works out great for the deal this week which says buy $10 worth of these items and get $4 RR. Band aids are $3. The creams are $4. Buy 2 Band-Aids and one cream. $10. Minus $3 in MQs, is $7. You get $4 in RR, so it's like getting all 3 for $3. Not bad!

There's a "buy 2 participating cold or allergy relief products" offer this week that gives you $3 in RR. Sudafed PE, Tylenol Allergy, Tylenol Cold, and Children's Tylenol are all in the offer. These are $4.99 each. Use the $1 coupons on the Tylenol Allergy or SudafedPE to make them $8 before the $3 RR...like getting them both for $5. Zyrtec is also in this deal at $18.99. So if you are a Zyrtec user, you can combine deal with one other product, and the $4 Zyrtec coupon. If you like Zyrtec D you might consider buying the Zyrtec 24hr without sudafed, and then buying the sudafed on the side. You'll save a LOT of money this way!

Get 2 of the $1/1 Whitening Listerine Rinse coupons, buy 2 for $8, $6 after coupons, and then get $4 in RR. Like paying $1 for each one!

All in your Red Plum insert. If you need more, hit the store to stock up today! :)