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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Menu Plan Week of 4/20

Last week went "roughly" according to plan. We changed a couple of things. Friday I worked really late and I had a coupon from BzzAgent for the Taco Bell Fiesta Family Meal ( I will blog about that later), so I had hubby pick that up when I left the office so we could have dinner when I got home. Saturday was the school carnival and the boys had pretzels at school, and cotton candy, so by the time we got home they weren't even hungry. Not a nutrititious meal, to be sure, but they don't have nights like that very often.

This week we're using some freezer food and some easy meals, as I will have another busy week at work and will need food that I can throw together quickly. I figured the Italian beef dinner into a meal plan 2 weeks ago because I didn't expect the amount of leftovers we had. So that means this week clocks in right around $22. I'll take it.

4/20 Monday

Italian beef on rolls .00 (leftover from freezer )

Tater tots .75

Apple slices .40


4/21 Tuesday

pork bbq biscuit cups $1.00

(leftover bbq pork, biscuit dough, cheese)

green bean fries 1.50

pineapple .65


4/22 Wednesday

beef stroganoff $2.25

corn .40


4/23 Thursday

grilled cheese sandwiches $1.20

tomato soup $1.00

salad $1.00


4/24 Friday

grilled chicken $1.75

buttery noodles .50

green beans .40


4/25 Saturday

cheeseburgers $3.00

potato salad $2.00

carrots with dip .75


4/26 Sunday

oven fried chicken $2.00

alfredo noodles .50

broccoli .50



Algebra Teacher said...

I love the price breakdowns on your meals. I never seem to get to this step.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I would be honored if you would leave your blog info in the Mr. Linky I have for frugal sites. What you are sharing would definitely help others save money.