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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baker's Bargain Meal of the Week 4/29

This has been a grueling week for work. 12+ hours everyday, 4am to 9pm yesterday alone! I am tired, run down, and gulping vitamins like a crazy person.

As I look through ads, the last thing that sounds appealing is lots of work in the kitchen. While we try to keep more processed foods to minimum in our house, we do use them, especially in time crunches like this if I hadn't thought ahead in preparation.

The following meal ideas are just that---combinations of quick easy foods...not really RECIPES....but sometimes ya just gotta eat. LOL

8 scrambled eggs .99/doz= .64
biscuits .37 per can
Farmland Sausage Links= $1.40 (if you BOGO)
Yoplait Yogurt (out of the 8 count pack at $3.88 each)= $1.94

Kroger Peanut Butter- .98
Sarah Lee Wheat Bread- $1.18
Roberts Cottage Cheese $1.99
Pringles- $1.50 (there is a MQ for $1/2 available that would make these $1 each)
$5.65 (for ALL of it!)

Deli Rotisserie Chicken- $4.99 (easy for tonight, plus you have leftovers for another meal or reicpe--and use this to make stock!)
Kroger Frozen Veggies- $1.18
3lb. Deli Potato Salad- $3.99
$10.16 for this convenience meal that will produce lots of leftovers and free chicken stock


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