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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hy-Vee Bargain Meal of the Week 4/22

Here are a couple of meals that I see at Hy-Vee in this week's ad.

Meal #1-Barbecue Grilled Chicken night with Beans and salad-

3lbs. Hy-Vee 100% Natural Split Chicken Breast at .88/lb= $2.64
Hy-Vee BBQ Sauce= $1.29
2 cans of Van Camps Pork and Beans= .66
1 Earthbound Farms Organic Salad= $1.99 (there are coupons that were mailed out for these- .75/1 or 1.00/2)

Total cost is $6.54 or less (w/ coupons)- And you will hopefully have some chicken leftover for salad or wraps the next day for lunch.

Meal #2- Taco Night

Hy-Vee Taco Shells= .99
1lb. Honeysuckle White Fresh Ground Turkey= $1.50 (Thurs, Fri and Sat only)
Hy-Vee Refried Beans= .68
Hy-Vee Taco Seasoning= .33
Hy-Vee Picante Sauce= $1.50 use 1/4= .35
Hy-Vee Shredded Cheese= $2.00- use half= $1.00
Total Cost is $5.65