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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stockpiling is really paying off for me this Winter

According to the paper, we've had 36 inches of snowfall already. Most of it still on the ground. Add to that the extreme cold we've been experiencing, and all of a sudden I really don't have an urge to do much shopping. Luckily for me, I don't have to. No panic pre-storm shopping trips (which can be costly). I have lots and lots of food here for as long as we need.

I have collected this week's sale ads and have started compiling a list of items I wouldn't mind picking up if the weather clears up a bit, but at the moment, I have no urge to do any more traveling than necessary. Just getting to work today was an adventure.

If you haven't built up much of a stockpile, yet another great reason to do it.


Nicole said...

I need to fill out my stockpile a little more but we've got all of the basics covered. I agree-not feeling like I have to give into the "clear the shelves" panic at the store before a storm is nice.

Cheryl said...

I feel the same way. This has been great. But my question is about more of the perishables. Do you freeze milk at all?

Michelle said...


I have never intentionally frozen milk, but I understand that you can, and the gallon that froze in my fridge tasted just lovely after it thawed.

you just should remove some of the milk from the container first so the milk has room to expand.