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Monday, January 25, 2010

Menu Plan Week of 1/25

I moved one meal from last week to this week, otherwise we stuck to our plan pretty well. It's another 6 meal week, as Thursday is the annual "Pancake Man" event at R's school, and we'll all be over there stuffing ourselves with yummy pancakes :). The $16.00 it will cost the family puts us at more than I'd prefer to spend for a week of dinners, but the proceeds go to the PTO, so I feel better about it. The 6 dinners for 4 works out to just over $25.

Monday 1/25 $4.75
corn chowder $2.75
sourdough rolls .50
fruit salad $1.50

Tuesday $3.75
chicken, mushroom and broccoli pasta $2.75
spinach and pear salad $1.00

Wednesday $4.00
Applesauce glazed pork chops $2.75
brown sugar cinnamon carrots .50
green beans .45
english muffins .30

Pancake Man

Friday $3.75
skillet nachos $3.25
corn .50

Saturday $4.65
tortellini and smoked sausage soup $2.75
grilled cheese sammies $1.40
apple slices .50

Sunday $5.00
Pizza Night


Together We Save said...

Great meal plan.

TJ said...

Looks good! How do you make the skillet nachos?

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