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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Menu Plan Monday Week of 1/18

I have everything I need for this week's menu plan, which I just LOVE! Makes it super easy. I'm also trying a new recipe from the February Cooking Light. Saturday we are having Korean food at a friend's house. 6 meals for 4 work out to under $30.00 this week.

Monday- Meatless Monday
stuffed shells with marinara sauce $3.00
green beans .45
texas toast from freezer .75

Tuesday 1/19
taco Tuesday $4.00
corn .50

Wednesday 1/20
lemon parsley chicken $2.50
garlic roasted potatoes .75
asparagus spears .75

Thursday 1/21
Shrimp fra diavolo (Feb. Cooking light) $5.00
salad $1.00

Friday 1/22
Sloppy Josephines $3.00
baby carrots .50
orange slices .50

Saturday 1/23
dinner with friends

Sunday 1/24
corn chowder $3.00
cornbread with honey butter 1.00


Shannon said...

MMM, your menu looks quite delicious, and what are "Sloppy Josephines"?? My boys like taking the Sloppy Joe mix and putting it in baked potatoes, so we call them Baked Joes! They get excited whenever I throw that on the menu.

Michelle said...

Hi Shannon- it's the turkey version..meant to be a little healthier..I use this recipe:


Phoebe @ Cents to Get Debt Free said...

Lemon parsley chicken?! Do share! That sounds awesome! :)

Michelle said...

lol Phoebe...I adapted this from an Everyday Food recipe for Lemon Parsley Pork Chops by accident. Because I thought I had pork chops and didn't. LOL...but I love the chicken tenders. The original can be found here...


I will post how I adapt to chicken this week. :)

Sharon said...

Delicious menu! We do a few meatless meals each week, too. So healthy & frugal!
Nice job on the $30/week. That's impressive!