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Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 3/1 (and we've become a smoked bbq joint!)

The neighbors have to be jealous at the smells coming from our garage. Hubby has the smoker working at full power these days! This weekend, he did 2 yummy pork shoulders.
We enjoyed this for dinner last night and then divided it all up for the freezer. We will be using this meat in carnitas, nachos, and some other meals coming up in the next few weeks. At .99/lb., an amazing deal! Apparently, though, that wasn't enough. So we move on to the brisket that went into the smoker last night. First we had to trim it up.

Then I mixed together a nice rub.

Yellow mustard. Who knew it could be so useful in adding a little flavor and helping the rub to form a "crust".

We have the finished product on the menu for tomorrow. Looking forward to getting a taste when I get home!
While hubby was master smoker yesterday, I was at work in the kitchen. Using a $1.88 package of lean ground turkey, a .75 cent bag of kidney beans, my homegrown/homecanned tomatoes, and a mix of spices, I made a DELICIOUS pot of chili! This actually broke down into 5 different freezer portions to use as we need to. All for about $4.50.

I like to let the chili sit in the fridge overnight because I think it tastes better that way. We'll be enjoying chili tonight, and later this week as well.
On to the rest of the plan for the week. We feed two adults, a 7yr. old and a 4yr. old for 7 dinners. This week's plan comes in under $30, and is rich in whole grains, beans and fresh vegetables. (and copious amounts of cheese hehehe).
turkey chili w/ cheese and multi grain chips $2.50
corn .50
spinach and orange salad .75
beef brisket $5.00
whole wheat angel hair (.30) tossed in olive oil (.05) and parmesan (.15) .50
roasted asparagus (1/2lb. @ $1.49/lb.) .75
skillet cheesy penne pasta w/ meat sauce (using up leftovers from freezer and home canned tomatoes) $1.50
green beans .40
mixed greens salad .75
Pork carnitas tostads $2.50
refried beans .60
corn .50
chili dogs $2.00
steak fries .50
apples .50
pork fried rice $2.00
pot stickers $2.00
homemade pizza night $5.25


Martha's Menagerie said...

Nice menu this week. I have a pork roast on my plans this week too - have it stretched out over several days for different dishes. I do that with some type of meal at least once if not twice a week (or store in the freezer for a later meal).

Molly said...

BBQ = magic. I am jealous. :)

McVal said...

Oh yummy! I just passed your blog smoking link to my husband. He's the meat smoker in our house. That looks wonderful!

Rona's Home Page said...

Don't you just love those meat specials? I learned to only purchase meat when it's under $2. We still have London Broil and Tri Tip, to name a few.

CheapbyChoice said...


DigiMom said...

Wow, that smoked BBQ looks delicious! I think we do have similar tastes. You have another healthy and tasty menu plan this week. :)

JodieMo said...

and so it begins...
This looks great! Tell your hubby to check out the BBQ Brethren for lots of advice and recipes for smoking meat. It's where my hubby spends most of his time.
If you ever run out of ideas for pulled pork leftovers, Patio Daddio has some great recipes too.
Don't you just love it when men cook? :)

Michelle said...

yes I do! LOL I will definitely check out those places...he's really having fun...and I'm getting to enjoy his experiments! :)