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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 2 of the new schedule and she lives!!!

Sunday night we got the kids prepped for the fact that Mom's hours would be different and that they would be seeing me in the morning again, and later than normal in the afternoon.

After packing a school lunch and laying out clothes for the boys, I set the crockpot up with steel cut oats, applejuice, raisins, chopped up apple, sprinkle of salt and a cinnamon stick for overnight oatmeal. Set it on low and crossed my fingers. (My last attempt at this wasn't so good. I overcooked it.)

Yesterday, I got up, got the boys dressed, myself dressed, ran downstairs to start coffee and discovered to my delight that the oatmeal turned out perfectly! Even better, I was able to apply eyeliner at home without fear of being half asleep and blinding myself. Good day!

Got home at 5:30, had everything pre-prepped, and we ate by 6:30. After we put the boys down we pulled 24 up on Tivo. I stayed up til 9:30!! That's like midnight for me LOL. Nice first night.

Tonight I won't get home until after 7, so I set up the potatoes in crockpot, and put everything else in the fridge with notes for hubby so he can feed the boys. The morning ran pretty smoothly again, and hubby had breakfast patrol, so I could focus on eyeliner again. I feel like such a big girl.

BTW....I got my Clarisonic yesterday afternoon...it was waiting for me on the porch. I didn't get to use it yet though because it needs to charge for 24 hours. I will be trying it out tonight.

Maybe I'll make it til 10 tonight. LOL.


TJ said...

Hope the new schedule continues to treat you well!