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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Menu Plan Week of 3/15

Last week went relatively well. I did decide to alter tonight's dinner because the boys got to go have free pan pizzas at Pizza Hut on Friday for lunch (school was closed). I also had to alter Friday's dinner quickly on the fly---I had made about 8 extra baked potatoes earlier in the week and threw them in the fridge. Friday, came home, set out all the stuff for soup, and when I went to grab the potatoes, I couldn't find them. Yes, my wonderful husband had ignored my declaration that the potatoes were for a second meal, and ate them. All of them. Fortunately he had taken my certificate for a honey baked ham in earlier in the week, so we had that for dinner along with a couple of quick sides. Gotta love free ham!!!

This week I'm trying two recipes from the new Everyday Food. A coleslaw recipe, and an interesting one for roasted cabbage wedges. (can you tell I took advantage of the cabbage sales this week??) I will let you know how they turn out.

Today I'm making a big pot of black bean soup using the ham bone. We will eat some of it tomorrow, freeze part, and use some for my lunches this week. Since I changed out tonight's meal, this is 8 dinners for 4, at around $35.

Sunday- chicken patty cordon bleu, sweet potatoes, salad, fresh pineapple ($4.25)
Monday- black bean soup, fresh baked tortilla chips, tomato corn avocado salad ($4.50)
Tuesday- brisket sammies, coleslaw, homemade steak fries ($4.50)
Wednesday- tacos, corn ($4.00)
Thursday- pierogies w/ italian sausage, italian seasoned green beans ($4.00)
Friday- grilled pork chops, broccoli, parmesan spinach and rice bake ($4.75)
Saturday- roast beef w/ onions & carrots, roasted cabbage, potato bake ($4.55)
Sunday- Pizza night ($5.00)


TJ said...

My menu ended up in the can last week when hubby ended up with the stomach bug, and I was late getting home most nights. Some days, I really wished I could just work part time, but like you, I'm the breadwinner, although my hubby also works too.