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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Menu Plan Week of 4/5

We didn't follow the whole plan last week...we ended up heading to see family for a few days. It was great, because I got to see my Mom, and we got to visit with many friends and family members that we hadn't seen in a while. Because of Mom's illness, we'd stayed home at Christmas, so we celebrated Christmas, my birthday, my Mom's birthday, and Easter. We smooshed all of the names together and came up with our own name--- Beastmas . LOL.

So we're back this week, and after all the snacks, holiday food and birthday cake, I'm on a bare bones diet for the week. The meals for this week either cater to my diet or allow for substitutions, such as the coleslaw I'll be making and eating instead of the french fries I'm making for the boys in Friday's dinner.

We feed 2 adults and 2 children. 7 meals this week come in under $35.

pan seared pork chops with blue cheese drizzle $4.00
steamed green beans with shallots and lemon $1.85
ceasar salad $1.90

Steak tostadas on corn tortillas $3.75
corn .50
melon $1.00

Spaghetti and meatballs $3.50
ceasar salad $1.90

black bean soup (from freezer) $1.00
fajita veggie quesadillas $2.50

turkey dogs with turkey chili $2.50
coleslaw w/ vinaigrette .75
fries .25

grilled lemon basil chicken breasts $2.00
grilled asparagus .75
seasoned brown rice .75

Italian turkey sausage and onion pizza $4.00
salad .75