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Sunday, April 11, 2010


It's just amazing how taking a road trip away from things for a few days can throw you off for days after you return, trying to catch up on all the things you didn't get to, along with all the things normally in the schedule anyway.

This was a busy week to come back to. Big K had Kindergarten Roundup on Friday-SOB! My baby is going to be in school next Fall...I can't believe it!

R had Flag Football practices, along with his first game yesterday. The team won, although R needs to learn not to shut his eyes and duck when someone throws him the ball LOL.

This week I stocked back up on groceries, and after today, finally feel organized again and ready to head into the week.

I will post the menu plan, along with all of my make-ahead steps, later this evening.

The other thing really starting to eat up time is getting ready for the garden! I have all of the veggie seeds that I can start ahead of time growing, and most of my flowers. I will add to those in the next week or so.

That blossom is my Meyer Lemon tree. It lives indoors during the winter. Last year I got 3 lemons. Ha. This year I have about 25 lemons so far, plus a new round of blooms...will be interesting to see how much more fruit is added, and how many ultimately survive.

I was out in the garden today and thrilled to discover my roses held up perfectly over the winter, as did my garlic, and my oregano. Next weekend we'll start hauling in extra dirt and compost as we ready the soil. We're not supposed to plant here until Mothers Day...the nice weather sure is making me itchy though.

I will take pictures of what's growing so far and post later this week.


TJ said...

I need to start some things inside now, or in a few weeks. We usually can plant in May, but last year was strange and it got too hot, too quickly and everyone's tomatoes just shriveled up and died. My peppers loved it though. I'm thinking of looking into mirliton. I keep seeing recipes for it in Emeril's books and it is supposed to be somewhat ornamental. My veggie garden is planted in the front of our home, away from the dogs, so pretty and functional is always a bonus.