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Friday, December 26, 2008

Back Home and Exhausted

Well, we get the award for the most holidays we've been human petri dishes. Last year, we had just stepped into my in-laws house when we started all falling victim to the worst stomach bug I can ever remember having. I mean brutally bad. While hubby was still well, we decided to pile back into the car and hightail it back to town. I endured the 7 hour drive with a barf bag and a hefty dose of immodium. 6 hours after we got home, hubby was at the toilet taking his turn. We spent Christmas at home, sick, but at least together. One call to the in-laws confirmed that we had given them the gift that kept on giving. I'm sure they would have liked to return that gift!

This year, we thought we'd gotten all the sicknesses out of the way. We were especially vigilant in taking vitamins, washing hands, the whole bit. We got to St. Louis on Tuesday night, and my in-laws actually jokingly asked for the doctor's note proclaiming us healthy. We all laughed, got the boys ready for bed, and hit the hay for a busy Christmas Eve.

Wouldn't you know, morning comes, and with it, a new stomach bug for Jonathan. He stayed in bed all Christmas Eve while the boys and I made family visits at arm's length and no hugs. Christmas Day we opened gifts with the in-laws, then went over to my parents house for an early dinner. Remembering last year's events, and fearing that I might get ill, we packed everyone in the car after dinner and made a run for home. Under 7 hours, and we arrived at 1:30 in the morning.

So today I'm tired, surviving on a mere 3 hours of sleep, but I'm home, and so far I'm healthy, as are the boys. Jonathan's feeling much better and I'm sure hoping that the rest of the weekend will be healthy and uneventful.

Think the in-laws might be asking us to get a hotel room next year ;)