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Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu Plan Week of 8/30

Last week was a little crazy around here. Big K's entrance into kindergarten also meant being introduced to new germs his immune system wasn't used to, and so that meant a 3 day tummy bug for the little guy. No one else in the family caught it, just him---made more serious because of his hypoglycemia. When he's not eating or drinking, or not able to keep anything down, it's REALLY hard to get that blood sugar up. Somehow we got it done, though---I think had he been sick one more day we would have had to get him in for IV. And of course he got sick Sunday night, so I just ended up flying by the seat of my pants for a meal plan. I was pretty impressed with how we did, considering.

This week's menu continues to take advantage of our garden. I will post the pictures and recipe for the spaghetti sauce this week. I used my food mill this weekend and it turned out wonderfully! 7 meals for a family of 4---and coming in at just over $31.




spaghetti w/ fresh homemade marinara- $1.00

meatballs- $1.50

salad- .75

sauteed zucchini- .75



chicken stroganoff- $3.50

green beans- .50

melon from the garden- .00



turkey tacos- $3.25

corn- .50



grilled pork chops- $1.75

brown rice- .75

grilled veggies $1.50



brisket sandwiches- $3.50

fries- $1.00

pasta salad- $1.00



Pizza Night (homemade)



Anonymous said...

The roasted greek potatoes look so good! I usually just use rosemary as a default, but the oregano in my garden is flourishing so I'll have to give this a try.

TJ said...

I'm so glad your garden is doing well! I love seeing your recipes using all the produce.

We have had plenty of cherry tomatoes and a handful of regular sized ones. I have also harvested one green pepper, and the second is about ready. The cukes were a complete bust, squash appears to be, and the jalapenos have come through and are blooming and growing like crazy. Now it is a race to harvest them before it gets too cold. Usually we can get by into October, and I hope that is the case this year.

Molly said...

Dear Michelle:

Where are you? I miss your face! And by your face, I mean your blog posts.

I hope you're well. May no one in your house have a booger-stache (because both of my kids are sporting one. Grody.).