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Monday, August 9, 2010

Menu Plan Week of 8/9

What the? You mean she's actually posting one? YES! Now, I will say that some of these might move around, but overall this will be the meals we're having for the week. I'm still wavering on whether I want mexican or italian tonight. 7 dinners for this family of 4 clock in at just over $31, and feature lots of fresh produce from the garden.


tacodillas $4.50

corn .50

melon from the garden .00



bacon wrapped smoked pork tenderloin $4.00

capresi salad w/ tomatoes and basil from the garden $1.25

green beans from the garden .00



angel hair pasta with grilled veggies $2.50

salad .75

melon from the garden (I think there will be a lot of melon on the menu!) .00



beef brisket sandwiches $3.00

fries $1.00

tomato and cucumber salad .50



grilled pork chops $1.50

rosemary potatoes .50

salad .75



grilled pizza $3.00

greek salad $1.50



chicken fajitas $3.50

black bean salad $1.00

guacamole $1.50



Anonymous said...

Your garden is producing so many great items for your weekly meal! Have a great week.

Pam said...

That's some good eating at your home with that super menu! I'm new here and see all kinds of good things to look over. Have a good weekend!