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Friday, May 21, 2010

Willpower, baby!!!

Another day at the desk, eating a thrilling lunch. But I'm proud of myself. I'm eating this.

Instead of this.
Or this.

Or one of these.

There's about 4 boxes of those muffins at the front desk and I'm having to walk past this stuff all day. Torture. I looked at the info on the muffins...33g of fat in one little muffin. Ack.
I'm proud of myself. I'm eating salad. And if I get a wild hair afterward, I'm gonna eat this-

That's me. Living dangerously.


ChainedAngel said...

yay for salad! And now I really want salad. hmmm... thank you!

Molly said...

Wait, were those white chocolate macadamia nut cookies? You could make a salad with strawberries, poppyseed dressing, and those as croutons...

(little devil on shoulder is bad. bad, i tell you!!)

Michelle said...

Wow - wherever you work has a lot of food around! Yay for willpower. I always found that eating junk at work made me super sleepy and sluggish afterwards and made me want to be there even less. :)

Michelle said...

OMGosh Molly! How did you know those were the very cookies that kept calling to me yesterday? I never thought of croutons...hehehehehe :)

Michelle said...

Yes, Michelle...I work for a group of radio stations, and there is always food around here. how I've managed to lose 50lbs. around this stuff is a mystery to me...especially considering that it was in part what helped me gain the 50lbs!