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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The better late than never menu plan week of 5/17

I normally put together my menu plan and post on Sundays--- this Sunday was pretty hectic, though. I spent a couple hours in the kitchen making food for a friend that just had hip replacement surgery, then went to visit. I spent some time in my garden (after helping some friends plant their garden on Saturday), and then Sunday night we ended up having dinner with some family friends.

So here's what the rest of the week looks like-

chicken w/ gravy $2.25
mashed potatoes .50
buttered carrots .50
spinach salad .75

skillet nachos $3.50
corn on the cob $1.00

grilled pork chops w/ orange glaze $1.75
baked sweet potatoes .75
spinach salad .75

cheese manicotti $3.50
salad .75
green beans .40

grilled chicken $2.00
buttered orzo .50
asparagus .75
salad .75

smoked pulled pork sandwiches $3.00
french fries $1
cole slaw $1


TJ said...

My menu plan still isn't up, but I do have one (finally).

Glad you were able to deal with the late night disaster. My husband just polishes off bags of chips and leaves me with nothing for his lunch.

Anonymous said...

This is my first time reading your blog and I really like how you price out the ingredients.

Michelle said...


That's why I hide the chips :)

Michelle said...

Thanks, Amanda! I appreciate that you stopped by, and I'm glad you enjoy the price breakouts. I always hear people say you can't eat well for under $10 a night, and I say PISH POSH! So I like to show the math ;)

Hope you'll visit again!