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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ideas for food dishes to take to friend

I have a friend getting hip replacement surgery next week, and will be home for 6 weeks. First 10 days or so will probably be the roughest, so I volunteered to sign up for 2 days of meals for him.

I will probably make 2 penne pesto chicken casseroles this week, and take portions of one to him in easy to reheat containers. I also want to include some snacks and goodies, and easy breakfast items that won't require much effort for him. He lives alone, so I need to be mindful of that.

Ideas? Suggestions of things that you've done? Would appreciate your help!


Molly said...

This looked pretty darn amazing. I think it'll be on my menu this week. Throw in a bag of chips and some salsa and you have a winner!

Well, don't throw them in the casserole. On the side.

Molly said...

Sleep deprivation fail. Here's the link.


Michelle said...

oooh.....that DOES look good! I think that's something he would like too! Thanks!