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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Menu plan Week of 5/2

Between the meals on the grill, and the meals on the smoker, I'm excited to use the MPM grill logo for the first time this year! I kept the meal plan pretty well last week, except for today. Didn't feel like dealing with pizza, so we did brats. I have tonight's menu, along with the rest of the week, below. Monday through Sunday's meals feed a family of 4 and come in at $30.

Grilled brats in buns w/ cheese $3.75
beans $1.50
apple slices .50

spaghetti w/ turkey meatballs- $3.75
salad .75
green beans .40

grilled pork chops $3.50
cheesy broccoli rice $1.00
bread & butter .50

Wednesday- Cinco de Mayo
bean and cheese nachos $1.75
super sweet corn .50
guacamole $1.00 (thank you .39 avocados at Aldi!)
pineapple $1.00

ham .00 (free w/ a gift certificate to Honey Baked Ham store)
au gratin potatoes $1.00
salad .75

grilled chicken $2.00
rotini w/ alfredo sauce .75
broccoli .50

brisket $5.00
sweet potatoes .75
bread and butter .50

smoked pork butt $3.00
buns .50
fries .50
corn .50

Week's Total- $29.90


Kathleen said...

I think it's so awesome that you plan out your weekly meals and stick to it. I've never been that organized! I think it would make life way easier!