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Friday, September 24, 2010

So far, so good....

Eating gluten free is tricky, but I really haven't felt deprived in any way, and for the most part have stayed on track.

The only foibles I've made are unintentional ones, and I think I've omitted all of them as I read more about how gluten can be hidden in foods under different names. That means no more flavored coffee creamer for me, which is incredibly sad, but some almond milk and agave nectar isn't too bad either.

I discovered yesterday that Bonefish Grill is pretty good for eating GF if you're going out. They visited the stations with food yesterday, and I was asking the manager if I could eat any of it. The amazing thing was how much of it I COULD eat. Including the most amazing brownie ever. I guess they have really tried to have some options on the menu. Kudos to them.

Today we're tailgating at the office and everyone is bringing food. Going to be interesting to see what I can actually eat.


Molly said...

PF Chang's also has a GF menu (menu!!) if you are lucky enough to live near one.

TJ said...

One thing I've found that makes a great gluten free coffee creamer is Ensure. Much better to drink it in small amounts as coffee creamer due to the sugar anyway. Plus it gives some extra vitamins and protein you don't get from creamer.

TJ said...
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