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Monday, September 20, 2010

It figures....

I will have a menu plan up today. I will have a menu plan up today. I will have a menu plan up today. I have to psyche myself up on this right now---the gluten free diet restrictions have freaked me out and I'm a little overwhelmed in planning for the whole family. Not sure why????

I am going to force myself to commit to a plan for the week before I hit the bed tonight. We'll see how I do!


Molly said...

You can do it!! Here are a few good GF blogs (of which you are probs already aware):





Michelle said...

actually, I didn't know about all 4 of them. Thanks soooo much!!! I can use every little bit of help I can get on this! :)

TJ said...

The brown rice noodles from Hodgson Mills are amazing! My whole family loved them, and they don't taste any different than regular noodles.