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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Menu Plan Week of 9/20

Well, I sat down to post this last night, and then hubby got chatty, so I stayed up too late. Better late than never, right?

I have decided that I am officially appalled by what they charge for GF breads, pizza dough, etc. I will DEFINITELY be learning how to make these things. If you know of any great recipes, please let me know!

Here's what the week looks like. Trying to keep the meals somewhat cohesive, meaning that I don't have to cook an entirely separate meal for myself, just maybe a side or something. Last night I did have something completely different, but I had a salad from lunch that I didn't eat, so I figured I'd let the kids eat something fun.

chicken patty sandwiches $2.00
macaroni and cheese $3.00
salad for me $3.00

Breakfast for dinner
scrambled eggs .75
sausage $1.50
waffles (gf waffles for me) $1.00
grapes $1.00

Pork Chops $1.75
baked potatoes $1.00
broccoli .75 (loaded baked potato for me)
tomato slices from garden .00

family potato soup (using homemade broth and skim milk) $3.50
salad $1.00
biscuits for hubby and boys .75

making these to take to work for our company lunch. I made them last week and they are AWESOME!!!

pork fried brown rice (veggie for me)- $1.75
potstickers $2.00
steamed green beans $1.00

chicken cacciatore- $3.50 ( I will post the recipe on Sunday)
mashed potatoes .75
salad $1.00

Pizza night- will attempt a GF crust. Wish me luck. Price TBA


TJ said...

Pad Thai is a great gluten free meal that the whole family can enjoy. My coworker with Crohn's has been making quite a bit of it lately.

Rona's Home Page said...

It's very upsetting to see healthy foods cost rising. My husband is a diabetic.

Michelle said...

hmm....might have to try that one, TJ. And thanks for the pasta suggestion---that's the thing I've been craving most!

lin liyi said...

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