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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner!!

The boys get giddy when we have breakfast for dinner, or when they get to eat breakfast for lunch at school. I ended up tweaking the meal a little bit last night, and didn't end up having a waffle myself. I was craving potatoes. Better than craving toast or something, I guess :)

Was encouraged after doing some research on flour/baking mix alternatives yesterday. Looks like Amazon has some competitive pricing on buying in bulk, and I'm sure there are other places I can do that through as well. No more $6 loaves of bread. ACK!


Anonymous said...

Breakfast for dinner is a great alternative. I call it "Brinner." No one whines about the quiche I put in front of them!

TJ said...

I was surprised to see how many gluten free mixes were available at my local grocery store. Most of them are made by Bob's Red Mill or Hodgson Mills. I'm also in love with Ry Krisps. They are the perfect gluten free snack.

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