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Friday, June 4, 2010

Miss Me?

Yikes. Time flies when you are walking around in pain all the time. I have just been a wreck thanks to my innards the past couple of weeks, and really haven't found much relief. Colonoscopy next week. Jealous? ;)

I've had to carry on with work, cooking and gardening regardless. I miss my meal plan this week. Gonna have to get back to the grind.

The garden is almost completely mulched and looks awesome. I will do a garden update post this weekend. I am so excited to show off a garden that is finally bunny-free!

I will have next week's meal plan up by Sunday.

I almost forgot....I've also been keeping myself uber busy with a couponing/money saving blog for my radio station. It's been a lot of fun! Check it out HERE.

Hope you have a great weekend!


JodieMo said...

I hope you feel better soon. It must be rough if you're doing a colonoscopy. Thoughts and prayers with you.
BTW, the couponing blog looks great!

Michelle said...

Thanks, Jodie...most appreciated...please say an extra little prayer for my tushie, too LOL.

Rona's Home Page said...

Oh yes, I've had that experience. No fun but a must due since I have a family history. I hope and pray things go well for you.

Pain is no fun.

Molly said...

Never had that, but I'd figure it's something like the surgery I had at 15 weeks pregnant. Ouch. I felt like the little guy in a prison love triangle.

Prayers for you!!

Michelle said...

Thank you so much, Rona...it's much appreciated. A little scary to be sure, but you just put yourself in God's hands and trust that His will is the best thing.

Hope all is well for you, my friend. xoxo

Michelle said...

Molly- you once again demonstrate why I enjoy you so much...you have this unique ability to make me laugh to tears!

I have a quick story. My 4yo, Big K, had poopie issues once he started eating solids, and when he was about 2, the doc decided HE should have a colonoscopy.

Now, Big K has that nickname for a reason. He was 9.5 at birth, and by a year was 30lbs.!!!!! He's now nearly 5 and about 47lbs., so you can only imagine that he's actually fairly slender now, but was a CHUNK then!

So we go to the hospital, and they give him the chalky stuff, then, because he's a little guy who can squirm, they literally strap him to something akin to a rotisserie, with a handle to spin him around. Well, you can only imagine this chunky little guy spinning around, and both myself and the 2 techs had the hardest time keeping a straight face. He looked just like a little piggy on a spit.

I don't think mine will be that amusing, so I appreciate the prayers.

jenheadjen said...

What a funny story! I'm amazed ou weren't traumatized though, having to watch that! lol!

I'll keep you in my prayers! Great job w/ the couponing site, by the way!

Michelle said...


Ha! It IS kinda weird as a mom,you see the humor and at the same time you feel like the worst mom ever cuz you're laughing. But I know having the funny side to that event will make a great story for him later. Or at least I keep telling myself that ;P