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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Menu Plan Monday Week of 6/27

Finally getting back on track with menu planning...being sick while working, handling family, etc., really caught up with me. I am finally getting my footing and managing pain, so here I am-tada! I have missed my menu plan. (Although I have to say stockpiling, and making freezer meals really helped save my bacon through all of this)

So here's the plan for tonight through next Sunday. 7 dinners for just over $31. Excited to see my garden finally start to play a teeny role in the planning.

grilled lemonade pork chops $2.00
grilled potatoes with rosemary from the garden .30
spinach salad $1.25

grilled tacos $3.75
corn and tomato salad $1.00
fresh mango $1.00

Breakfast For Dinner Night
waffles .75
bacon $1.50
scrambled eggs .50
grapes $1.00

spaghetti and meatballs $3.50
green beans from garden .00
salad .75

skillet nachos $3.75
corn .50

friends' party

grilled chicken $2.50
baked sweet potatoes $1.25
asparagus $1.00

grilled pizzas $4.00
salad .75


Molly said...

So, and then, what happened was...

No, seriously. For the last three days I have been doing something (tending sick child, cleaning kitchen, etc.) and felt strongly like you needed to be checked on. I am now listening.

So, uh, how ya doin'?

Molly said...

Ok, me again. Waiting for that update. I hope you are ok.