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Monday, October 5, 2009

Menu Plan Week of 10/5

Wow. What a week. Somehow hubby managed to follow most of the meal plan from last week, even though I ended up driving home to my parents in a flurry on Wednesday after finding out that my mother's biopsy revealed lymphoma. The mass they removed was a lot larger than expected. Please keep her in your prayers as this week we start getting more info on the stage, type and treatment she will need to follow.

This week definitely reflects the weather change here...starting to do more comfort foods. (Maybe that's also because I need the comfort? Hmmm.)

Monday 10/5
Slowcooker chicken in mushroom wine sauce (I added fresh mushroms to this also) $4.00
Brown rice .50
Acorn squash 1.00
Salad 1.00

Tuesday 10/6
Cheeseburger macaroni $3.75
Spinach salad $1.00
Green beans .45

Wednesday 10/7
Italian Beef Sandwiches $5.00
Potato salad $1.50
Apple slices .50

Thursday 10/8
Chicken Enchiladas $3.50
Corn $1.00

Friday 10/9
chicken and white bean pasta $3.00
Broccoli $1.00

Saturday 10/10
Chili $3.75
Tortilla Chips .50
Oranges .75

Sunday 10/11
Crockpot roasted chicken $3.00
Glazed carrots .75
Salad 1.00
Corn bread .75