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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Menu Plan Week of September 28th

Whew! I think that the birthday party/hurt shoulder/too much to do at work/put up R's bunk bed/deal with the masses of veggies from the garden/ clean out closets and start getting ready for fall/ deep clean downstairs/ find time for playdates and exercise/ celebrate our anniversary whirlwind might finally be slowing down just a smidge!

That means I will be posting some of this week's recipes as I go, along with this week's shopping trips. Spending the past few weeks on food has been great, but the difference has all gone to dental work, eye visits and new outfits for me, as all my clothes were getting horrendously too big.

This week's dinners comes out to a little over $30 for 7 meals for 4, along with some calculated leftovers (pork steaks) for future meals.

Monday 9/28

Southwestern steak and potato skillet $3.50

Broccoli $1.00

Tomato slices .00


Tuesday 9/29

Chicken, white bean and orzo soup $1.75 (homemade stock)

Grilled cheese sandwiches $1.00

Caprese salad $.75


Wednesday 9/30

Homemade beefaroni 3.00

Green beans .45

Salad $1.00


Thursday 10/1

Chicken and black bean nachos $2.00

Corn 1.00

Oranges .50


Friday 10/2

cheeseburgers $3.00

tater tots $.75

salad $1.00


Saturday 10/3

Orange glazed grilled pork steaks $3.50

Au gratin potatoes $1.00

Beans $.75


Sunday 10/4

Crockpot chili w/ cheese and sour cream $4.00

Tortilla chips .50

Salad $1.00