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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Okay, it's a day late, but it's a meal plan!

Better late than never, right? The garden is starting to pump out produce, although the tomatoes haven't really started yet (I did get 4 whole cherry tomatoes to use on last night's salad, does that count?) I am hauling a full bag of my larger cucumbers to work, and will get on my knees and beg people to take them if necessary :) The green beans are really starting to kick in, and I have a whole bunch of jalapenos that are ready, but I'm leaving them on to ripen to red, as we want to try our hand at smoking them for chipotle peppers this year. I left my camera upstairs yesterday when I was down in the garden, and was just too darn lazy to walk back upstairs, so I will take some photos for the garden update later this afternoon when I get home.

Here's the meal plan for the week. Clocks in right around my $35 average, and will no doubt produce plenty of leftovers.

spaghetti w/ turkey meatballs $3.50
salad ( I used the very last of my provel cheese ropes, purchased when we went home to St. Louis week before last. No one even knows what they are here. SOB) $1.25
bread and butter .40

sloppy joes $3.00
fries .50
watermelon slices $1.00

combo fried rice $2.75
potstickers $1.75
fruit salad $1.00

grilled pork chops $1.75
grilled veggie salad w/ balsamic ( not growing zucchini or summer squash, but found some beautiful locally grown organic veggies that will be awesome) $2.00
corn on the cob .80

Hubby and Big K will be home while Mommy and Ry hit the ballpark
Leaving hubby to bake frozen pizzas ( that I got on sale and w/ coupons for .49 each. ) $1
sliced nectarines .50

skillet nachos $3.50
tomato and corn salad $1.00

smoked ribs $8.00
beans $1.00
salad .75


amanda said...

Great week lined up!

I hope you'll come link up to No Whine Wednesday - you have some great recipes.