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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Juggling Act of a Working Mom

It is amazing how simple life was before kids. I had a clean house. I wore makeup every day (okay, most days). I had a social life. I sent Christmas cards.

Today, I am wearing my hair down, straight ironed, and a skirt, and I'm thinking this is some big to do. LOL.

Having hubby at home with the boys is a huge help. He does dishes. And laundry. No dusting, sorting, straightening or throwing stuff away, though. :P He looks really panic stricken when I suggest that he could do that.

He's offered to help with cooking and shopping. If I write out a list, plan the meals, give him the recipes and tell him what to do. 1) I actually look forward to that part of my day, and 2) after all the prep work, I might as well do it myself. LOL

The best part of having him home is so he can parent. Take the boys to the pool. The Children's Museum. The playground. The boys have had a fun filled summer with their dad. So many wonderful memories. I might have some of it scrapbooked by Big K's graduation.

Today, I enjoy my good hair day. And blissfully ignore the fact that the house is a MESS. I'll do some cleaning instead of putting on makeup tomorrow :)


TJ said...

A clean house is rare at my home. Usually the only time I can get my butt in gear to do dishes and pick up is in the mornings. But that only happens if the twins sleep in past 5 a.m. and they don't like to do that too often.

Molly said...

I have a small whirlwind that uncleans whatever I clean. I firmly believe that, for him, there is peace in the chaos.

Oh, and I put on powder and lip gloss today and the angels wept with delight (because they didn't have to see me w/o makeup!!)