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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Baby Steps Challenge- Baby Step 2

If you've been following along here and here, I've been discussing how you can make major long term adjustments in your food expenses and the way you shop by taking very small steps that are not difficult to do.

I asked you back in November to just start making a list of the items that you use regularly in your household.

Now, I'd like you to look at that list. I'm sure it's not a definitive list. Especially if you're like me and got caught up with other stuff :) But you should have some solid basics that you use regularly in your meals, regardless of the week's meals, based on your family's tastes. Here's what a list of basics looks like for us:

  • whole wheat pasta
  • refried beans
  • black beans
  • chicken
  • bacon
  • eggs
  • skim milk
  • flour tortillas
  • tortilla chips
  • sugar
  • flour
  • ground beef
  • frozen corn
  • frozen broccoli
  • canned green beans
  • boxed stuffing
  • canned turkey chili
  • crackers
  • breakfast cereal
  • coffee
This is not a definitive list for us, but certainly a good starter list of things we use regularly and always like to have on hand.

Your next baby step is to get a spiral notebook and write each item on a page. Yes. One per page. Take that book to the store with you every time. Every time. Seriously. When you buy one of those items, write down the price, the store, and whether it was a sale price or regular price. What you will have after a while is a natural list of high and low prices for the items you use. That will get you ready for your next baby step.

Happy note-taking!!


Martha@Menagerie said...

Your tips are great! I've got this area down to a science but so many people don't! I once asked my readers on average what they spend on groceries per week or month - many had no idea!